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How do stockings work?

Compression stockings help muscle pump by gently squeezing the leg to boost blood return for better circulation. They help individual to reduce tiredness, heaviness, swelling and cramp. They also help energize your legs during daily life and exercise.


Why wear compression stockings after treatment?

Wearing compressions stockings allows effective fibrosis (keeping the treated vessels collapsed, a lower incidence of post-sclerotherapy pigmentation. It also offers additional protection against deep vein thrombosis apart from maintaining regular physical activity, as it prevents stagnation of blood in the legs.


Care instructions to keep your stockings in their best shape

Wash in warm water after every wear in a gentle soap that contains no fabric softener (they are safe in the washing machine if thrown in a gentle cycle.) Do NOT use “Zero” or “Woolite”, it will destroy the fabric in the stockings.


Helpful Tips

  • Clean the silicone band on the thigh-high stockings with rubbing alcohol when it begins to lose its stickiness, this will help the band adhere better to the skin.
  • Wear the knee-high stocking two fingers below the bend of the knee.
  • Use the aid of rubber gloves (also sold in store) if you have difficulty getting your stockings on.



We offer a wide selection of compression stockings with best value in stock. If we do not have the specific type you are looking for, we will make special order and deliver to you (an extra shipping fee may apply).


Checking your insurance for coverage

It is always a good idea to contact your insurance company to check for compression stocking budget and quantity they allow for the coverage.


Our certified fitters are on site to help your needs.